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Prof. Dr. Stephen C. CALLEYA - academic - director of the Mediter-ranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies (MEDAC), consultant and journalist, provides a timely perspective of global trends, giving comprehensive background and expert's analysis of contemporary events and countries that are capturing international attention.

  Prof. Calleya can provide specially commissioned reports, weekly and daily political analysis of the relevant world events for newspapers, radio/TV, governmental or commercial organizations. Please, e-mail any request, proposal or other inquiries.
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Prof. Stephen Calleya
The Mediterranean, an ancient cradle of civilizations has seen the rise and fall of many empires, regional powers and sovereign states.

  Mediterranean international relati-ons analysis provides an expert analysis of the crucial question: Mediterranean - Bridge or Divide? It equally focuses and addresses international relations (IR) issues in other parts of the world.

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Latest Activities
New book by Professor Stephen Calleya launched under the auspices of the Hon Dr. George
Abela, President of Malta
On 5th December 2012 the new book by Professor Stephen Calleya "Security Challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean Area in the 21st Century: Mare Nostrum", was launched under the auspices of the Honorable Dr. George Abela, the President of Malta.
In additon to the author, the scholarly panel for the book launch included: Dr. Nick Hopkinson, former Director, Wilton Park, UK, and Dr. Joe Borg, MEDAC Chairman, former EU Commis-sioner and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malta.
The book launch was very well attended with colleagues from the UoM, representa-tives from the Diplomatic Corps, and other senior public personalities, and family members present. The new book that has been published by Routledge in the U.K. is the most recent in a series of books that Prof. Dr. Stephen C. Calleya has published in his academic career.
Prof. Stephen Calleya presenting his new book Security Challenges in the Euro-Med to PM of Malta Dr. Lawrence Gonzi  
The book "Security Challenges in the Euro-Med Area in the 21st Century: Mare Nostrum" was presented to PM Dr. Lawrence Gonzi, Dr. Tonio Borg EU commissioner for health and consumer affairs, Dr. Michael Frendo, Speaker of the Parliament, Prof. Tony Jones, Harvard University, Prof. Eberhard Rhein, and Amb. Saviour Borg
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NEW BOOK by Prof. Calleya
Security Challenges in the
Euro-Med Area
in the 21st Century:
Mare Nostrum
published by Routledge, UK
Publications & Projects
Prof. Calleya publishes extensively and regularly. Books section gives a list of his latest publications, some of which are still available through and other online book shops.

His edited titles are also extensive, for instance:"The Con-vergence of Civili-zations: Constructing a Mediterranean Region"
University of Toronto Press.
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Prof. Stephen Calleya is a regular contributor and International Relations analyst in Times and Sunday Times of Malta, and also numerous journals and newspapers, as well as online media. In this section you will find online versions of his articles.

NEW Online media article: "How to ride the Revolutionary Arab Lion" Co-authored with Prof. Ludger Kuehnhardt in

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As invited speaker Prof. Calleya frequently par-ticipates in international conferences. He also organizes, with MEDAC, as the Project Manager and in cooperation with European Commission, bi-annual Euro-Med Training and Information Seminars for Diplomats.
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